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5 Questions to Ask your Shopify Expert to Get the Best Online Store Easily

5 Questions to Ask your Shopify Expert to Get the Best Online Store Easily


I’ve been thinking that you’d perhaps want to know what makes the best online store.

So, no matter if you're setting up your Online Store or just reading today’s topic, here are 5 questions to ask your Shopify Expert to get the best online store easily.

We’ll start off immediately as there’s a lot to talk about in this topic!

Is it simple?

Among the most important part of website making, comes simplicity. Not everyone’s good at operating computers but then again there’s not just one website built to cater to all of these visitors. Some know computers inside out, while some just know how to use the browser. This is where Simplicity is key. Is the website built for everyone’s convenience or are some people getting confused with its layout?

A simple website monitoring tool will help you figure this out. These tools tell you everything, from site load up time to which page gets maximum traffic compared to which page gets the least traffic. It’s important to make sure all customers know where they are and where they want to go.

In this case, we’re talking about an E-commerce platform. So, don't let visitors abandon a purchase just because they didn't know how to check out or something similar to that. Make sure your site is simple. Keep your website easy to use. This also makes the website faster. We’ll talk about this in the next point.

Is it fast?

As per the facts by market intelligence company, Aberdeen Group Research; every One second delay in page load decreases customer satisfaction by 16% and page views by 11%, and most importantly “conversion rates” by 7%.

The point: Is your website fast?
Having a speedy website means your customers find you faster. It’s a fact that Google as a search engine along with others uses the fastest websites to be indexed first. This also means more customers to the top indexed sites.
This is known as Website Speed Optimization. What happens here is that the website is so smooth with its functionality that search engines are able to find it as their top hits and are displayed accordingly. Connect with a Shopify Expert regarding this.

Shopify Expert

Is it SEO-friendly?

Another aspect after having a Speed Optimized Website is a Search Engine Optimized site (SEO). This means that the content in the website are cataloged and written in such a way that they are similar to what users search for. The terms are mentioned in the exact way a user would search for an item.
Having an SEO-friendly site means that your website shows up almost on every search that the user asks for related to the items you are selling. It’s of utmost importance that your website be Speed Optimized and also be Search Engine Optimized. Everything else can wait. Connect with a Shopify Expert regarding this.

Your Brand name is more important than you think. There are companies that have spent large amounts of money just to get their name and logo right. Your logo is the first thing a customer sees when landing on your website. Make your logo stand out as it brings in repeat customers if the product sold was good. Brand name, color, and design also play a psychological role in the customers' minds giving them a sense of grandiosity. If you're selling the right stuff., get the right Branding. Sometimes the simplest design can have the greatest impact.

Colors, Images, and Text

Always use colors, Images, and Text to your advantage. It’s what sets up the ambiance of your website. Visitors come in and the first thing they see are the Colors, Images, and Text. Like I mentioned with regards to Branding, Colors, Images, and Text play a key role in making the visitors feel at home. Make sure it is friendly. Make them stay on your website for as long as possible. Who knows, they might even buy something on an impulse!

Think like the customer or as a child. We love colors and there are no two ways about it. Some of us even like staring at the pictures as if on a trip!
Add animations to the site if possible. I’m not saying to the whole page. Maybe just parts of it. It definitely helps make your website stand out from the rest.
Remember, customers like visiting a lot of sites. Loyalty is something you’ll have to earn here. So they become repeat customers!

Now that I’ve run out of points to share with you as I was FORCED to keep it within 5 points, I’ll take this opportunity and add the few last crumbs here in the conclusion for you! Hah…. take that administrator!

Having a good-looking website is not at all difficult. Just remember the above points mentioned and I promise you that you’ll see more customers than you have before.

Remember to use tools and monitor your site regularly for traffic.
Now, a few more things you can do to make your website look just perfect are to give it a product Review Zone. Make sure your Website looks professional and last but not least, make the Checkout Zone easy to use with the Coupon section right beside the cart for that additional ‘We care for you dear customer’ feel!
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Feel free to connect with a Shopify Expert for any queries and set up your Online Store with style!

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