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How to Improve Shopify Store Conversion in 5 Easy Steps

How to Improve Shopify Store Conversion in 5 Easy Steps


With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, staying ahead of the game means you have to be the #1 store in the minds of the customer when they think of buying a certain product that you sell on your store.

But how to make this happen?

This can only happen when your website structure, design, functionalities, marketing and network-building initiatives are in tune with your brand goals.

Only then will there be a sustainable increase in the percentage of site visitors taking a desired action on your webpage - whether it is buying products, adding products to cart or wishlist, putting up product info on their social media profiles or subscribing to your company newsletter.

Once these site visitors take these actions on your store, they have converted into your customers who trust in your brand enough to take these desired actions. When the rate at which this conversion happens grows considerably over a period of time, that’s when you know that your conversion rate is optimized.

There’s no brownie points for guessing that with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), you have increased sales, a better online brand reputation and maybe even repeat business.

Here are 5 easy ways to improve your conversion rate and boost your business growth:


1. Create Aesthetic Appeal


The graphics you implement become a part of your branding. From your logo, ad banners, social media cover page, homepage sliders, collection page banners to edited product images, a lot depends on how you portray your brand through images and graphics.

a.) Include Responsive & High Quality Graphics

These graphics can both make or break your conversion rate. If responsive graphics can make your store stand out, graphics not optimized for mobile can make people bounce away from your store.

Studies suggest that 53% of global online traffic comes from mobile devices.

Make sure these graphics are mobile responsive and offer a similar look and feel on all tech devices - whether your users choose to view your store on desktop, mobile, tablet or iPad.

b.) Fine Tune Your Web Architecture

Your web architecture and product categorization in the menu also contributes to the overall visual appeal of your store.

If your users find it easy to navigate through your store; find exactly what they’re looking for without too many clicks and are also easily able to understand what you’re trying to convey through the graphics on your store, there is a better chance at getting those site visitors to convert.

c.) Attractive CTAs

A prompt call to action button that syncs with your store theme also helps users know that they can easily take the desired action on your store with a single click.


2. Include Must-have Functionalities


Your store will not be optimized for maximized results if it does not have the essential functionalities. Adding these functionalities on all the webpages of your store will dramatically improve your site performance and with it, the conversion rate of your store.

Some of these functionalities that your store must have are: customized header and footer, Instagram Feed on homepage, AJAX search cart for instant search and product filter, Quick Checkout and Skip Cart, Mouse Hover for 2nd Image and Slider, Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons, Product Filter and many more such features.

All these features are built to optimize your store as when people visit your store, they will scrutinize it on every aspect and whether it makes their shopping experience enjoyable or not. Make sure your store is stellar and highly functional.


3. Upload High-Res Product images and Unique Descriptions


a.) Product Images & Details

Your website is the face of your business and your product images display the features of this face. Your customers are not able to touch or feel the products that you sell on your store so your product images, their descriptions and different color and size variations of the product images are crucial to help the customers take purchase decisions with full confidence and trust.

Once they have full belief that the product(s) they receive will be of a good quality, they will be ready to hit the ‘buy now’ button. On the contrary, if your product images are pixelated, most site visitors will turn away.

Shoot and edit your products in different angles, styles and in different setups to attract the buyer’s attention.

Don’t miss out on high-resolution product images. But these images must be compressed so they don’t take much time to load as this can then affect your site performance and conversions.

All your product images need to be substantiated with a unique product description that lures the visitor’s attention and convinces them that your products would provide the solution they’re looking for.

This applies for dropshippers too.

b.) Product Reviews & Testimonials

While you’re at this, upload product reviews as well. Your product reviews and customer testimonials boost your brand credibility and build trust among your customers. They work as a social proof for your brand.

After all, everyone likes to know what others have to say and how their experience has been with a product, a service or a brand. Your site visitors are no different!

Rather when you have a set of good reviews and testimonials, it eases the user journey on your store as it helps them scrutinize your products, judge your brand value and take the final step of making the purchase easily.


4. Build Trust among site visitors


As we’ve established here, trust is the primary reason why a site visitor converts into your happy customer. But to build this trust, you’d need to invest in specific steps or functionalities that eventually help you sustain a long-term professional relationship with your customers. And how!

a.) Security Badges

Security trust badges are a great way to ensure this. When you add payment gateway icons and other badges like ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Verified & Secured’, ‘McAfree Secure’, ‘SSL Certified’ and others, you’re giving the impression to your customers that your store is virus-free and provides the highest online security.

Trust that your conversions will grow dramatically with the trust badges displayed as icons on the footer section of your homepage, product page and cart page.

Besides this, your footer is incomplete without privacy policy, shipping and return policy templates and the terms and conditions of your store. These policy templates further strengthen the user’s trust in your brand as they know that their personal and business data is secure with you. These policies also makes your store look credible, authentic and in full control of what you proclaim as a brand.

b.) Social Sharing

Your footer section also needs social sharing buttons and the facility of letting your users open social sharing links in a new tab.

Wondering how will this help?

Social sharing buttons enable your customers to share your product info on their social media pages. As you can figure out, this will increase your brand value online and boost your digital presence. People will become more aware about your brand and it will also act as a social proof as other customers post about your products.

Letting users open social sharing links in a new tab lets your customers view your social media business pages without even having to leave your site.

Another factor that can empower your brand is when you give details about yourself and your business -- information like how you felt motivated to start the business, your experience and knowledge in the field, your team that develops the products and provides the services, et al.


5. Have A Solid Marketing Strategy

Last but not the least, once you’ve optimized the design, included essential functionalities, made the necessary theme tweaks, facilitated dynamic checkout on your store and are offering personalized shopping experience, your store is ready to initiate marketing activities to further improve conversions by spreading the word.


But to improve your conversions, you’d first need to know how to measure them.

a.) Measuring Analytics

Systems like Google Analytics, Facebook conversion tracking, Google Search Console, and website recording tools and apps help you monitor and analyze how users interact with your store and even the demographics of these users.

Add on to the value your store provides with resources like blogs where you can talk about product usage and case studies and send monthly newsletters to your loyal customers to update them about any product launches, sale, offers and attractive deals way before the actual sale begins so that they can leverage these benefits as a reward for being loyal to your brand.

b.) Email Marketing

To reduce cart abandonment, you can send push notifications gently reminding your site visitors of the items in their cart. You can also do this through a more cost-effective but result-oriented initiative of email marketing to target those who have stored items in their cart or wishlist but left your store without making a purchase. Retargeting these customers is easier as they are already interested in your products and services.

You may also choose to remarket your products to your site visitors who have not taken any action on your store through social media. Simply showcase the products frequently bought on your store or the products related to the one they viewed on your store in a social media ad.

Both Social media remarketing and email marketing are effective and organic methods to heavily boost your conversion rate.

c.) Business Ads

Facebook offers facility to run your business ads, promotions and even track the conversions on your store that happen via Facebook through ad tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel. It also helps you select a target audience.

Leverage these features to promote and position your brand in the way you’d prefer.

Once you have created a strong and loyal customer base through referral & customer loyalty programs such as rewards, giveaways, discount coupons, festive offers and more such extravagant shopping deals, you can be assured that your happy customers would generate more leads for your business through word-of-mouth marketing and social media comments.

Here you go!

Let these 5 easy steps help you climb the ecommerce success ladder smoothly!

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