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Showing coupons on the cart is a proven way to boost cart conversions.

Here's how to do it with Voila:

Step-1: Enable the coupon pop-up link

First, you need to enable the link which will appear on your cart page as shown below and when clicked will show a pop-up with selected coupons

Go to your Voila Dashboard and then in Coupon Pop-up & Link Settings, turn on the

Show/Hide available coupon pop-up link as shown below.

Step-2: Add coupons to the Pop-up

Once you have enabled the link, you need to select coupons to feature on the pop-up. Here's a step-by-step guide for that - How to feature coupons on the pop-up

Step-3: Customize the link so that the visitors don't miss it.

In the Link Settings, you can customize the Link Text, Font Size, Color, Hover Color and make it Bold, Italic or Underlined.

Step-4: Customize the pop-up

You can customize the Pop-up header text and color, Apply button style, and text from the Pop-up Settings in the Dashboard

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