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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Your decision to work with us is easier with our money back guarantee provisions. We offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee only in the following cases:

  1. Where your task requirement is not a part of the small task services we provide
  2. When due to too many task requests, we are unable to take up your work 
  3. When the service you receive is different from what you expected and what we had agreed upon at the beginning of the work contract.  

We take care throughout the project journey that the user is 100% satisfied with the final results. If you are not happy with the results, we would request you to reach out to us at before initiating the request for a refund.

Once our developers and designers have marked your task as complete, you agree to notify Task4Store if you are not satisfied with the result within the next 72 hours. If, however, you fail to do so, the project will be considered to be complete. 

If you fail to inform Task4Store that you are not satisfied with the project outcome within these 72 hours, Task4Store will not offer any refund and will consider the project successful.

If you notify Task4Store about your issues with the task completed within this timeframe of 72 hours, we will take it upon us to address your issues and deliver the project with all the modifications you want or modify it as per your expectation. 

Our legal team would also look into the matter and compare the final results delivered by our team with the task requirements submitted by you to understand if the outcome is really different from what you had asked for.

Despite these attempts, if you are dissatisfied with the project outcome, we will issue a full refund and rollback the website to its prior state.