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Privacy Policy

MS Web Designer is the copyright owner and operator of Task4 Store.


Confidentiality Statement

We ensure that your company information is kept secure and confidential. You may use the webpages of Task4Store without revealing your personal or business data however if you want to use our specialized Shopify small task services, obtaining and processing personal and business data is required. However, this data is obtained only with your full consent.  

This policy details out what data we collect, the process we follow to collect this information about your business, your Shopify store and your personal trivia and how we use this data. We also inform you of the general rights that you are entitled to, through this policy document.


The Basics

We acquire information that is absolutely necessary for us to easily facilitate  enterprise-grade services for your store. Acquiring and processing of your personal data including but not limited to  your name, email address and your business data viz. your Store URL, business name, business size and type, store login credentials, among others will be in sync with the Data Protection Act of India, GDPR Regulations and the specific data protection directives pertaining to a certain country or region.

We take additional technological measures to ensure that your data is safeguarded against unauthorized usage, modification, copying, disclosure, theft or loss.


Cookies - What are they and how are they used?

By using text files or cookies on your browser, our website, Task4Store will identify you and view your account information and understand the usage of your website better by collecting data on the web pages most viewed, time spent on the store, browser types and versions used, server locations, Operating system details, your IP address, internet service provider, existing cookies, page speed and search terms used on your site and more. These cookies are stored on your computer and facilitate interaction between your website and Task4Store, making it easier for you to access and use our site. This data is necessary for us to gauge the features and functionalities that your store is missing and how our specialized small task services can optimize your site to enhance user-friendliness and overall site performance.

You may at any time prevent Task4Store from setting and using these cookies by changing the settings on your internet browser. However, if you deactivate cookie setting, all our site functions will not be accessible or usable. These cookies do not give us any access to any personal information on your computer system or interact with other cookies used by other sites on your system.


Third Party Access

This policy dictates that we will not disclose/ transfer any personal information about you or your business to any third party sites without your consent. However, we may choose to show your name, the name of your business and the small task services we offered you on our site without disclosing any other details about our collaboration or other details about your business.

The processing of all your data is in alignment with the Data Protection regulations to ensure delivering best of our services to our clients and optimum protection of the data we acquire.  We shall store your personal data only for the period till when it is necessary for us to provide you with the services you require.

Though we follow reasonable and organizational methods to protect your data and information, there can never be full-proof security measures to guarantee complete data security. This requires you to take viable steps to protect your account details, personal and business data as well for protection against data compromise.  MS Web Designer or Task4 Store will not be responsible for unauthorized usage of your password stored on your phone, tablet or computer system.


Creating An Account with Us

When you choose to register with Task4Store, you are required to sign up by sharing the personal data as required in the enquiry or registration form. This data is stored only for internal usage by us.

Sharing this data with us enables us to offer you specific and exclusive services that are accessible only to our registered users. After registration, you can opt to change your personal data on your account or even delete the data going forward. You may also ask us to correct or erase your personal data on your behalf and we will do the same, provided there is no statutory retention period applied.

Once this period expires and the contract of our services is no longer valid, the contact information and other personal data is deleted. You may even choose to remove yourself from being our registered user by letting us know about your decision via email or social media interaction.


Legal Basis

You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the state court located in Kolkata, India for resolving any disputes related to this privacy policy.


Changes in the Policy

If in the near future, we plan to make any changes to this policy, we will intimate you about the same here itself. We reserve the right to make any changes, additions or deletions to this policy at any time. We request you to read this document carefully every time you visit our website to understand our processes and clarify any doubts before contacting us for small task services.

By accepting our terms and conditions and using our website, you are agreeing to this privacy policy and the usage of your personal information and your store data as mentioned above. 


For clarifying any doubts, you can reach us at