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A Shopify small task can be defined as a quick fix on the store. Any task that can be completed within 1 hour is a single small task. Even though these tasks take less time, we guarantee high quality implementation and effective communication. Some of these small tasks are ‘customizing fonts’, ‘adding ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, integrating social sharing buttons, creating dynamic checkout buttons or setting up Instagram feed on your home page.

The minimum turnaround time for the first implementation of a single small task is 1 business day. Revisions, errors, added customizations or any misunderstandings on specifications will take extra time to be sorted. The turnaround time starts once we confirm your project. We will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry/request.

We can only implement 1 task at a time depending on the turnaround time for each task per store. However, we can take up multiple small task requests at once and will execute them one by one after the first task is complete. Clubbing of 2-3 small tasks together as one task or making small task requests when the site is not live will not be considered as viable request.

We provide a wide gamut of Shopify tasks particularly streamlined to thoroughly optimize your store with all the required features and functionalities. Some examples of small tasks that we offer are -

  • Product Quick View
  • Related Products Option
  • Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Mouse Hover 2nd Image/Slider
  • Colour/Image Variants
  • Quantity Selectors
  • Multiple Currency Setup

We have been designing, developing and marketing Shopify stores for businesses across the globe, from start-ups, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies for the last five years.

Yes, we have partnered with some renowned companies who help us provide effective business solutions to our clients to help accelerate their businesses.

Presently, we are not offering any discounts on our range of small tasks.

Yes, we collaborate with agencies. They can contact us directly and we will be their point of contact throughout their client’s projects.

In case we’re unable to take on your small task request, it can be used as credit for another task of your choice which will be prioritized over our other small task requests. We work with you towards a mutually beneficial solution. Before placing a refund request, we’d request you to reach out to us if you have any issues. We also offer a 14-day money- back guarantee if we’re unable to fulfill your task requirement.

Once you fill out our enquiry form or contact us directly via email/chat, our team reaches out to you within 24 hours. We send you a confirmation email, requesting you to share your Shopify login details to We then set up your account and start off with the work.