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Terms of Service

These terms have been published in compliance with the Information Technology Act 2000 and its amendments over the years, where access or usage of the entire website of and our small task services is subject to the user agreeing to the set of regulations stated in this document.

By continually using our website, you agree to these terms and conditions as a legal document binding both parties. Please go through this document before proceeding with submitting your task requirement on If you do not agree with these terms, you can choose to not check the "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" checkbox on our 'Create An Account' page but this will imply that you will not be able to access or use our website or any of our services and site information.

Information About Our Company is a subsidiary of MS Web Designer, a certified Shopify expert. with its registered office at 27 B, 15th Floor, Bengal Eco Intelligent Park, EM 3, Sector V, Saltlake, 700091.

While referring to Task4Store or MS Web Designer, the words, 'we', 'our' or 'us' will be used throughout this document to denote all its subsidiaries and partner affiliates.   By using this site, you agree to permit Task4Store to make suitable tweaks to your store as decided mutually before the implementation of any of these tasks on your website. 

We reserve the right to make changes, add or delete terms to this document at any time. You may choose to not accept any of these changes made on this document but in that case you shall cease using this site.

Please be noted that on the pretext of a breach, your website will be terminated from the use of our websites viz. Task4Store and MS Web Designer.

Terms of Use

The Terms of Service given below will determine your access and usage of

  1. To access all sections and pages of the site, you need to register with However, if you wish to only view the site, you will not need access to our site materials and services and hence do not require to register with for a password.
  2. If you intend to use our small task services, you are required to submit your name, email address and other details as stated in the 'Create An Account' page and confirm a password. You may provide additional information on the task specifics you desire and your project scope so Task4Store can provide you with an enriching and personalized experience in sync with your brand vision and specific requirements. A Task4Store authorized executive has the right to approve or reject a task request, depending on the type and number of tasks accepted at a time.
  3. You are solely responsible for keeping your Task4Store password secure and confidential. In case you have lost or disclosed the password to a third party, your password has been stolen or you suspect a breach of security/cyber attack/unauthorized use of your site or your Task4Store account/password on your device, you agree to notify Task4Store about the same. Please ensure that you have the highest website security standards put in place. Task4Store or MS Web Designer does not take responsibility for a security breach to your site or your Task4Store account.
  4. You declare that all the personal information and business/store data you provide is accurate, updated and complete to your knowledge. You can opt to change, add or remove your account information at any time or notify us of the same so that we may do that on your behalf.
  5. You will need to give Task4Store developers the access to your Shopify store's login credentials after submitting a task requirement. These details are stored with us securely and are accessed by our single task team for the period until which they are working on your website. As our privacy policy maintains, we do not share these login credentials or any of your other personal or store information with third parties and do not use these details for any purpose other than working on your task requirement. After the completion of your project, we delete these credentials. Please be advised to change your login credentials after your project is completed.
  6. You accept and acknowledge that you are of legal age to use the Task4Store site. Your use of our Small Task services shall not be in violation of any government law, contract or agreement. If Task4Store finds you to be under the age of 18 or representing any inaccurate, incomplete data, Task4Store reserves the right to withdraw your right to use our site or any of our services.
  7. Once you submit your task requirement and buy the task, we will send you an email accepting or rejecting the task request. If we accept the task request, we assign your project to our single task team. Any additional customization to the task needs to be purchased separately as a custom task. We will send you a link for the custom task created and a paypal invoice for this task. If you agree with the pricing for the custom task and make the payment, we will proceed with the same. However,  accepting a custom task requirement is completely subject to our discretion.
  1. Your decision to work with us is easier with our money back guarantee provisions. We offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee only in the following cases:
  • Where your task requirement is not a part of the small task services we provide
  • When due to too many task requests, we are unable to take up your work 
  • When the service you receive is different from what you expected and what we had agreed upon at the beginning of the work contract. 
We take care throughout the project journey that the user is 100% satisfied with the final results. If you are not happy with the results, we would request you to reach out to us at before initiating the request for a refund. Once our developers and designers have marked your task as complete, you agree to notify Task4Store if you are not satisfied with the result within the next 72 hours. If, however, you fail to do so, the project will be considered to be complete.  If you fail to inform Task4Store that you are not satisfied with the project outcome within these 72 hours, Task4Store will not offer any refund and will consider the project successful. If you notify Task4Store about your issues with the task completed within this timeframe of 72 hours, we will take it upon us to address your issues and deliver the project with all the modifications you want or modify it as per your expectation If you notify Task4Store about your issues with the task completed after this timeframe of 72 hours then you need to buy the task again. Our legal team would also look into the matter and compare the final results delivered by our team with the task requirements submitted by you to understand if the outcome is really different from what you had asked for. If you notify Task4Store about your issues with the task completed within this timeframe of 72 hours and still we are not able to provide the project or task output as per your requirments,we will issue a full refund within 14 days of your request to refund the amount and rollback the website to its prior state. 
  1. You are prohibited from using the website in any damaging, offensive, misleading, objectionable, obscene or unlawful ways that violate our proprietary and copyright laws.
  2. You take responsibility for accessing and using the Task4Store website only for lawfully permitted purposes. You or a third party affiliated with your company will not participate in any action or sharing of information, opinions, comments, software, visuals or other site material of Task4Store on your website or any other third party site as this will lead to an infringement of copyright information and a subsequent claim for damages.
  3. You are required to notify Task4Store if your project is private and confidential or if you are open to the project being made public. If your project is private and confidential, it will be treated as such by our single task team.
  4. The domain, and all its documents, graphics, text, themes, designs, images, icons, buttons, logos, products and services and other trademarks throughout the site are the intellectual property of Task4Store owners and any unauthorized use, modification, copying, distribution, reproducing, selling, publication or transfer of these copyrighted site materials without the knowledge or consent of Task4Store will be considered a punishable offence. Task4Store will not be responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of your downloading, modifying, copying or sharing information from the site. The resulting damages will be defined by the criteria of the permissible law in the respective jurisdiction.
  5. All local and state laws apply to your usage of and its other affiliated sites. Task4Store will terminate your account and usage of the services of the site if your activities on the site are found to be illegal, in violation of these terms or are unaccounted for.
  6. All communication with Task4Store including without limitation, comments, suggestions, et al will be considered as public information. You agree that all your reviews and feedback about the services of Task4Store is free for our use for the purposes of selling and marketing our products and services. You assign the right to Task4Store to voluntarily use your concepts, suggestions or knowledge shared in your feedback for display, distribution, and marketing services.
  7. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the state court located in Kolkata, India for resolving any disputes related to these terms and the small task services you purchase from the site. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are participating in a legal and binding agreement between your company and Task4Store. This document holds maximum value even above and beyond any other agreements and discussions between you and Task4Store about the site and its related services. Any breach to the site security will be considered a legal offence.
  8. If you violate any of these terms, Task4Store may terminate you and the sites associated with your website from accessing and using the site. While violation of certain terms will result in immediate termination, Task4Store suggests you to take corrective measures in case of violation of certain other terms. This is solely subject to the discretion of Task4Store owners. You agree that the termination of your access and usage of the site and site materials may be put into effect without any prior notice to you or holding any liability for the same.
  9. Regarding task(s) related to guidance:We will provide you guide in pdf or doc format and only support you once regarding this pdf or doc.