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Coupon Discount on Cart - Case Study

Cart abandonment is the biggest challenge of almost every online store. A significant portion of cart abandonment happens when customers don’t find a coupon code or discount code on the cart page at the time of checkout.

That’s why we built the Coupon Discount Code on Cart App to help the customer complete a purchase. Through the Coupon Discount on Cart app, the customer can see all available discounts on offer and apply them via the popup menu right at cart page. Thus boosting sales.




Consumer goods, Fashion,
Sports, Electronics, Etc

Use case

Apps and integrations, Upgrades

How does it work?

  • Discount Coupon Code does three things:
  • Feature handpicked coupon codes on the cart page so customers can easily select and apply a coupon without leaving the cart. Depending upon the number of coupons you want to feature, you can choose from the UI options: Pop-up/Dropdown/Radio button type Discount Code or Coupon Code
  • Show the Saving amount and motivate the customers to complete the checkout
  • Learn how coupon discounting on the cart affects your sales with in-depth analytics and optimize coupon usage accordingly.

By showing the correct coupon code on cart, you can:

  • Reduce cart abandonment: (Using Coupon Code )
  • Improve the AOV (Average order value using Discount Code):
  • Discount Coupon on Cart is the best Fit for BFCM or any Shopping Sessions:
  • By displaying multiple coupon codes (discounted pricing) on the Cart page, you can encourage customers to take advantage of great deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Diwali, Holiday Shopping, Christmas, and New Year.

Examples of use:

Example 1

The Coupon Discount on Cart is compatible to multi language packs and the text on the app can be changed to which ever language the merchant chooses to show.

Very good app and especially good support! They help with all things you need and respond very quick.


Example 2
Hero Coupon mode

The Coupon Discount on Cart can show the discount codes in multiple views. The first being the Hero Coupon code. Here, the primary (one) coupon code is shown to the customer right at cart page.

Great app, i can 100% recommend this. im totally happy with it and the support is super fast and nice!

Shokz NL

Example 3
Coupon Drop Down mode

The discount codes can also be shown in a drop down format. This is the second mode of applying the discount codes.

We are using this app since a year now. This app helps our customers a lot to find the right coupon code for them.

Bombay Shaving Company

Example 4
Coupon Field mode

The coupon field mode allows the customer to manually type in a discount code of their choice and avail the offer.

What an app
Great Experience! I was looking for an app that provides a cart page discounts from which customers can manually choose the discount whichever they want to apply and after 2 days at midnight, I found Voila this amazing app, and the customer support I just can say WOW! Amazing.


Example 5
Coupon Popup mode

Another option that the merchant using the Coupon Discount on Cart can use is where all codes are shown on the cart page in popup mode thus allowing the customer to choose from a variety of coupons.

Fantastic app, fantastic service, real time . I loved it, they helped me in letting anything work correctly.