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Aesthetic Nation, a growing fitness apparel store has increased its sales by almost 20% in just 7 days without spending a dime in marketing.


Sounds crazy right? No, it's not. It's just a proven technique executed well.


After using our Voila Shopify App only for 7 days, Aniket - CEO of Aesthetic Nation, reached out to us on how the app has impacted the store sales.


Here's the sweet part of the conversation.


We have grayed out the sales figure and the conversion rate as

these are important trade secrets


Aniket said they are seeing 12-15% growth in conversion rate! Not only that, the AOV (Average order value) has also increased. The increased conversion rate and AOV resulted in a 20% boost in sales volume!


We found two reasons behind this huge boost in sales:


Factor-1: Coupon discounting on the cart (boosts conversion rate)

Almost all ecom stores use coupons. But most of the stores fail to get the most out of it by missing mainly in two areas:


1. Making the coupon available to the customers at the right place

Stores display coupons in various places - on the home page, collection page, on a top/bottom bar, or on a pop-up suddenly appearing on the customer's screen.


Aesttheticnation features coupons on their collection pages


However, most stores fail to present the coupon where the customers look for it - the Cart page. When a customer is on the cart page and ready to checkout, that's when she looks for a coupon discount.


With Voila, Aesthicnation makes it super easy for the customer.


Pop-up link showing no of coupons available


Customers not only see all the available coupons on the cart by clicking on the link, they can also apply one for a discount right there.


2. Letting the customers realize the discount at the right time

On Shopify, customers can apply a discount code only when they reach the checkout. That's where it hurts the conversion rate as 60% of customers who add items in the cart never reach the checkout.


Voila solved it for Aesthetic Nation. Now, customers see all the coupons and apply one for a discount right on the cart page.


Customers see the amount saved on the cart


Factor-2: The coupon strategy (boosts AOV)

While discounting on the cart plays a great role in boosting conversion rate, the coupon strategy of Aesthetic Nation is the reason behind the boost in AOV.


They simply focus on Volume discount and offer. Let's look at the coupon they are using:


As you can see all four coupons here motivate the customers to save in bulk purchases. Interestingly, Buy2 and Buy3 discount coupons perform better than the FREE coupons.


This coupon strategy works well for Aesthetic Nation but that doesn't mean the same strategy will work for you. It depends on various factors like the kind of product you are selling, the pricing, the target audience, etc.


More intuitive ways of cart discounting with Voila.

Coupon Dropdown

Bombayshavingcompany a Shopify Plus store uses the coupon dropdown feature to show 2-3 coupons at a time on Cart, making it super easy for the customers to select and apply a coupon with just two clicks.


Hero Coupon (Radio button coupon)

Instead of multiple coupons, some stores use Hero Coupon (a single clickable coupon) on the cart page. This simplifies the coupon application process further and boosts sales.


Whatsupwellness uses the one-click Hero Coupon (WHATSUP) on cart


Already using Voila: Coupons on Cart? Go to your Voila Dashboard to set it now.


Not using cart discounting yet?



Need help devising a successful coupon strategy? Let's talk - Book a 15mins call here.





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