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Let's watch how to add the coupon code field on the Shopify cart.


Here's a step-by-step guide:


Step-1 Enable the App - Go to Voila Dashboard. Make sure that the App is enabled.


Step-2 Enable the coupon field - Go to the Coupon Field Settings. Enable the Coupon field and click Save Settings



Note: If you have a cart drawer/pop-up, the coupon field may not appear just by enabling it. In that case, add the custom button class or reach out to us for support.


Step-3 Customize the coupon field:


  • You can now add a text like this above the coupon field from the Coupon field title option.

  • You can also change the Apply button text, its color, and the button background color.

  • You can also give a good round shape to the widget by turning on the Coupon button radius.

If you have any customization request or feedback or need help setting it up, please reach out to

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