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MS Custom Size Price Calculator - Case Study

Wanting to sell artwork to customers in sizes that could also be customised?
The MS Custom Size Price Calculator solves this problem by including the ability for customers to input their own dimensions to receive an artwork that is custom made to their requirement.




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Use case

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How does it work?

If you are selling wallpaper, murals, fabric, carpet, poster, or any other product which you want to sell in custom sizes, you can check the MS Custom Size Price calculator App from the Shopify App Store.

As the merchant, all you need to do is enter the rate per unit, and that's it; the customer can order artwork according to their needs, and the rate is applied to their dimensions.
MS Web Designer noticed the need for a custom calculator that the market needed for their artwork and designed this App for both the merchant and the customers so they can deliver exactly as per the need.

What do your customers get?

  • They see the price based on the dimension they input and the price per unit you have set. Customers can also select from size presets you have created.
  • Customers can visualize the product image resized with the height and width they input.
  • Can add the custom product in the cart to checkout.

What control do you have?

  • Choose the products for which you want to show the customizer.
  • You can set the pricing unit and price per unit.
  • You can enable/disable the visualizer.
  • Set a default price/unit for all products or different prices for each.
  • Bulk upload the prices and settings for products.

Examples of use:

Example 1 Allows you to cutomise your artwork to specific dimensions so you can finalse a product to the customer’s requirements. The croped dimensions can also be selected on any part of the image. This is good for wallpapers and other artworks.

Amazing customer service! Very quick to respond and helpful. They helped with all my requests. Excited to utilize the app more!

The Printerie

Example 2 Is an inline version of the Smart Price Calculator App where the price is calculated based on width and height. This is the basic version of the App. No visualizer is required here as the design might be glasses for windows or for entire walls.

The app has been working well for our site. The team have been super helpful with customization and ensuring the app works for our needs. Support response time is always quick.

eurowalls™ | Wallpaper & Wall Murals | Australia & New Zealand

Example 3 Is where the App comes with only the length input option as hight and width are not required here. Just for understanding, we have a client here where the product being sold is a Canopy.

We used this app as our product requires customers to enter a measurement in order to receive a custom price. The customer service team was great and helped us set up the app to collect the information we needed. Their response time was quick too, so no waiting around.

Window Kanopy

Example 4 Describes how the merchant only requires their product sold in a certain quantity. The Smart Price Calculator is designed to take in a rate and mention the total price. Over here one will notice there are no dimensions included. Just enter the item quantity and the price changes depending on rate.

This app has been amazing for our product pages. The development team has been super helpful in providing a custom solution for what we needed. I'd recommend using this app to add quantity price breaks to your store which will increase conversions.