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Only 1 Left Option Shopify Collection Page
Show Only 1 Left Option & Quick Checkout Facilities
Show Product Labels (New In, Only few left, Sale, Sold out) On Store - MS Web Designer

Show Only 1 Left Option & Quick Checkout Facilities

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Add a customized ‘only 1 left’ option on collection & product page to create urgency.


  • We create ‘Only 1 Left’ option or ‘Only a few left’ text/badge and sync it with your store theme on the side of the product image. Customized as a product label for the collection page. This feature creates a sense of urgency and scarcity leading to better conversions and increasing sales.
  • Direct ‘Buy Now’ button to the Shopify checkout options.
  • Implement third-party payment facilities on the store. Clicking on any of the third-party checkout options leads customers to the specific third party page where they can complete their payment.